"A warrior's duty is to be weak. Otherwise, clans would have no purpose."
— Wildheart

Legendary warrior and one of the best fighters in the forest.


An enormous, thick-furred, dark brown tabby tom with hazel eyes and tuft ears. Has a scar running down his back.

Proudly and boldly marches with his head leveled, the posture of a disciplined and seasoned warrior.


Friendly, and inviting senior warrior with a hearty laugh. He is loved and admired by all his clanmates and respected among the other clans.

Fiercely stubborn and passionate about being a warrior, he has refused to retire, even though he is well over 8 years old. On some level fears getting old and losing the strength and skill he has gain through a lifetime of training. Being a great warrior is what he is known for and he feels uncomfortable knowing it is slowly slipping away with age.

Synopsis Edit

Forest of Mist Edit

Cold Moon Edit

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