Good and evil spirits who don't reside in the sky because they died in unfulfilling ways. Most of them have presences that can be only felt and never seen by anyone. Even the stronger ones rarely appear, even in front of medicine cats. When they do, they are clear, translucent figures with pupil-less eyes, and vacant, blank expressions. Some have abilities to manipulate the world of the living, though not to an enormous degree. Oftentimes spirits are eventually pulled either into StarClan or the Dark Forest, but some have managed to walk among the living for countless seasons.

The Mother Edit

The ghost of a queen and her three kits. Like with most wanderers, it is unknown which clan they are from, but they are said to be the spirits of a she-cat who was exiled from her clan for having half clan kits, and was killed in a blizzard along with her kits before they could reach the camp of her mate. The Mother and her kits haunt the Tundra, accompanied by the bitter frost that killed them. They are unaware of living cats and will accidentally kill them while simply passing through the area.

Badgertooth Edit

Named for his protruding teeth, he is a vengeful spirit who has been blamed for the "accidental" deaths of many cats, though it is difficult so say when he is or isn't responsible for such deaths because spirits don't need to appear to the living to be present. Said to have once been a bloodthirsty warrior and traitor to his clan.

Lavender Edit

Warrior of a long gone clan who was supposedly killed by a gang of foxes after her clanmates abandoned her to fight them alone. She dislikes most warriors, and especially mistrusts medicine cats for their loyal to StarClan, who she believes treated her unfairly. Most willingly appears to those who are malcontent so that she can offer assistance and guide them. Can be mischievous or vengeful, but is well meaning for the most part. Her scent brings the scent of lavender.

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