List of Prophecies and Omens chronologically by book. Prophecies are delivered by word of mouth, often in the form of vague riddles while Omens take the form of items that symbols characters or events.

Forest of Mist Edit

Snow Covered Forest Edit

Omen: Snow covering the forest while the half moon is in the sky

Messenger: StarClan

Recipient: Brambletooth in a dream

Meaning: IceClan will attack during the half moon during one last snow fall, the last of the season

There’s A War Coming Edit

Prophecy: "There’s a war coming, Wolfpaw. Your clan will need every bit of strength it has."

Messenger: Buzzardpaw

Recipient: Wolfpaw

Meaning: Redpaw's invasion of IceClan territory after hearing prophecy from Wolfpaw and misinterpreting it as another IceClan attack OR IceClan invasion that was prevented by Redpaw's attack

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