Overview Edit

A proud clan that stresses individualism above all else. They believe that a cat must be strong on their own in order to make a strong group. All cats are encouraged to find their own paths, whatever that may be, though loyal to their clan is still a must. A MistClan warrior will never try to be anyone other than themselves. They will not try to live up to their ancestors or ideals and standards set by others.

Territory Edit

Spruce forest Edit

Makes up the majority of the territory. The undergrowth is thick and consists mostly of brambles thickets and a thick layer of mist covers everything. The tree occasionally collapse in strong winds.

The River Edit

Marks the border with IceClan to the south and TideClan to the east. A favorite location for apprentices in leafbare when the water freezes. Usually not for hunting.

Marshland Edit

A swampy region downstream cats may use to wash their paws or collect moss. A number of herbs can also be found growing here.

The Falls Edit

Good place to find herbs or relax in green leaf. Draws in large prey, looking for drinking water. A gorge leads down into the river. Anyone who falls is found dead by TideClan down stream.

Camp Edit

A tangle of spruce branches in a clearing of mossy stones and brambles. The leader's den is on the high branch on the tallest tree. The medicine cat's den is in a hole at the base of the leader's tree

The warriors sleep on various branches and are usually scattered across multiple trees. Apprentices usually sleep on lower branches beneath their mentor. The elders sleep on mossy dens on the forest floor, where it's the warmest and the nurserys are holes carved at the base of various trees, often protected by a wall of brambles.

Clan meetings are held by a tree stump near the center of the clustered branches known as the patrol stump because it is also where deputies stand when they announce patrols and where warriors stand when sitting vigil.

Team Hunting Edit

Occasionally, a group of MistClan warriors will get together and try to take down a caribou. True to the MistClan ideology, "team" hunting puts a greater emphasis on numbers rather than teamwork.

Caribou are large and have hooves capable of killing a cat in a single kick, hunting one is all about getting in whatever shots one can and having the courtesy to keep out of the way of everyone else.

If a cat is injured, they will likely not be seen to until the hunt is over as an divergence of attention will led to the prey escaping or hurting someone else.

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