Takes place within the timeskip between "Forest of Mist." and "Cold Moon".

Synopsis Edit

Cloudeyes, who has been blind since birth, trained to become a warrior regardless. On the day of his final assessment, it begins raining heavily, causing him to get hopelessly lost and confused. This results in him falling in a ditch and getting trapped while it fills with water.

Suddenly the spirit of a she-cat appears and guides him out of danger. From them on she appears to him in his dreams and since she's the only thing he can see, he becomes obsessed with her and sight though he is in the dark about her identity.

One day, he is found staring up at the rain by his clanmates Dawnsong who urges him to return to camp. They start a conversation until the rain stops and she describes to him what the forest looks like.

As time passes, Cloudeyes stops seeing the ghost, and he and Dawnsong grow closer until they finally become mates and have kits. Cloudeyes occasionally sees the ghost in the corner of his vision, but it always disappears when he turns to look.

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