Overview Edit

A righteous clan that holds great importance in unity and loyalty. They believe that fairness is important, even when dealing with enemies and will never attack a clan they know is weaker than themselves. Instead they will offer whatever assistance they can. An IceClan warrior knows that a group of cats together will be warmer than one who's alone.

Territory Edit

Tundra Edit

Icy wasteland occupied by snowy bushes and grass.

The River Edit

Border between MistClan and IceClan. A favorite spot for all cats once the river freezes in leafbare.

The Meadow Edit

The ideal spot to harvest herbs. Moose and caribou must occasionally be chased away to stop them from eating the foliage.

Camp Edit

A cluster of frosty bushes and yellow grasses in the tundra, surround by massive tufts of snow.

The leader's den is located within a clump of long grasses. The medicine cat's den is a burrow underground which helps preserve the herbs. The warriors' and apprentices' den is inside the snow or under bushes depending time of year.

The elders' den is a hole in the ground covered by bracken to stop the wind from drafting in. The nursery is a burrow protected by a leafy bush. A stone at the center of the camp acts as the leader's perch for meetings.

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