"MistClan! Listen closely! My clan has allowed yours to go about your deeds through frost season, but no more. Very soon, you will learn what it means to be at war with IceClan!"
— Aspenstar at the Gathering

Leader of IceClan and secondary antagonist of "Forest of Mist".

Appearance Edit

Thick pelted, reddish-brown tabby tom with amber eyes and a white chest.

Personality Edit

A proud warrior who grew up watching his clan be bullied by Budstar's violent regime. As such, he holds much resentment towards MistClan warriors and takes even small offenses hard.

Is distrustful of Cloudstar for being Budstar's apprentice and successor, and is desperate to prove his clan's strength.

Synopsis Edit

Forest of Mist Edit

Aspenstar is mentioned to dubiously accept Cloudstar's apology and takes back the territory he lost at the gathering.

At Wolfpaw's first gathering, Buzzardpaw tells him Aspenstar is IceClan's leader. During the same gathering Aspenstar threatens and declares war on MistClan, say they're lucky IceClan didn't attack earlier. Finchstar warns him not to start conflict at a gathering, but he ignores it. Cloudstar later tells his clan of Aspenstar's threats.

At another gathering, when Redpaw starts a fight with Frostbranch, Ravenstar apologizes to Aspenstar for her behavior.

When Redpaw and her patrol invade IceClan territory, Aspenstar is there. He refuses Shadowfern's deal, calling it trickery and orders his Clan to attack.

He attacks Shadowfern, then is ripped off of her by Jaggedstep. As IceClan flees, Shadowfern reminds Aspenstar of the deal.